From exquisite stemware, to fine crystal vases with diamond-cut patterns, to the simple beauty of a pair of crystal candleholders, to stunning decorative art, you'll find elegant examples from world-famous glassmakers at Halls Kansas City.


      With the support of the best French craftsmen and an exceptional collection of 65,000 molds and 200,000 drawings dating from the firm's creation in 1765, Baccarat is a symbol of perfection in the world of crystal. Still the company continues to experiment with technical innovations and partnerships with elite craftsmen to create luxury tableware and decorative objects for today's lifestyle.


      Founded in 1742 in the Swedish province of Småland, Kosta Boda produced window panes, bottles, drinkware, glass chandeliers and similar items for royalty, nobility and wealthy merchants. In 1989, the company became part of Orrefors Kosta Boda AB, where designers continue to produce prized glassware for discerning customers around the world.


      Thanks to a team of passionate designers, each year Lalique produces beautiful pieces of crystal inspired by founder René Lalique. A fine jewelry designer in Paris, Lalique experimented with glass and, in 1921, built the Lalique factory to produce crystal pieces of exceptional quality. Today, in the creation studio, Lalique designers use traditional techniques and new technologies to create fine crystal for a new generation.


      Deep in the woods of Småland, Orrefors Glassworks has stood a hundred years on two pillars: beautiful clear crystal and evolutionary design. The transformation of glass from a hot, syrupy mass to a piece of glittering crystal is a spectacular process that takes place here every day. Although glass has been made for well over a thousand years, the techniques used today remain almost identical to those used centuries ago.


      Rogaska Crystal is a world recognized luxury brand of high quality crystal stemware, barware, gifts and art pieces. Rogaska glassworks is located in Slovenia, EU about 4 hours east of Venice and is among the global leaders of high quality crystal making for almost 350 years.


      Founded in Waterford, Ireland, in 1873, Waterford Crystal has produced some of the world's highest-quality crystal vases, collectibles and stemware, including popular lines such as Colleen and Lismore. Each piece reflects the finely crafted elegance that has made Waterford Crystal a favorite among connoisseurs and those who enjoy the finer things of life.